I want an Obama shirt,

but I can't find one I like.

So I'm making my own.

Here's the deal.

These shirts cost $22 after shipping, which is a lot. There are four reasons:
1. They're printed locally (San Luis Obispo, CA) in very very small numbers.
2. The shop that's printing them does a lot for sustainability, and it costs a bit more.
3. American Apparel shirts are very nice but more expensive.
4. Quick shipping. These need to get into the wild.

American Apparel shirts run small and shrink. Buy a size larger than normal.
Shirt color: silver

Sorry, this one-time print is all sold out.

If you live in SLO, text/call, email or facebook me if you want one. They're $20 without shipping.

I don't have the money to print these out-of-pocket, so they'll be printed when you order.
No, that does not mean it will take forever to get to you.
All the shirts will be printed within the next week and shipped out immediately.

In the event that the minimum order isn't filled, your money will be refunded.